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emerald TS300f
Biometric Readers
emerald TS300f

Industry’s most multifunctional touch screen access control terminal with fully integrated fingerprint security, VoIP Intercom and server-based applications at the door.

emerald TS300f uniquely provides users with biometric security, built in Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom functionality and a range of remote server-based applications, all in one powerful device.  Featuring a controller, advanced IP card reader and single biometric solution all in one, the emerald TS300f meets requirements for three stage identity authentication (card, PIN, and biometric verification) using one device.

The emerald TS300f has a bright 4.3” graphical LCD touch screen to display predefined messages and icons to cardholders depending on access privileges. It’s built in mini PIR sensor provides energy saving motion detection and a multi-coloured LED provides users with a visual indication of access status. With hardened glass and an anti-glare coating, the emerald TS300f is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

Single access control & biometric enrolment and network process. 
Fingerprint enrolment is captured and stored via the AC2000 access control system at the same time as cardholder enrolment. This offers clients a single solution and eradicates the requirement to purchase a separate biometric reader and software application to link to the access control system.

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  • Industry’s most multifunctional access terminal with integrated biometrics
  • Controller, advanced IP card reader and single biometric solution all in one that meets requirements for three stage identity authentication (card, PIN, and biometric verification)
  • Fast card and fingerprint verification, uses 1:1 fingerprint match at the door
  • Secure storage of fingerprints on the central AC2000 server and on the emerald internal database
  • Fingerprint module gives a high resolution scan with FIPS201 approved biometric algorithm
  • Durable enough for indoor or outdoor usage with an IK06 vandal resistance rating, and IP65 dust and water resistant rating
  • User-friendly 4.3” capacitive LCD touch screen
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface enhancing user experience at the door
  • Scramble keypad option for Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Fully integrated VoIP intercom functionality
  • Ability to run Remote Applications from AC2000 Central Database Server using secure communications
  • Available with onboard PoE+ technology to power the terminal and additional door furniture
  • PIR motion detection
  • Remote upload of new firmware directly to the reader with on-screen indication
  • Maintenance Information / Security Intelligence Point
  • Ability to display live video at the workstation on intercom request, when interfaced with CCTV system (available with AC2000 v6.7 & upwards)
  • Ability to display advertising/ information announcements and personal messages
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