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HID® Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Modules
Biometric Readers
HID® Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Modules

Overview | Technology Advantage

The Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint Modules deliver the most secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint authentication technology on the market today to products such as ATMs, citizen benefit kiosks, physical access control readers, time & attendance terminals and medical dispensing stations. Already providing biometric authentication for over two billion ATM transactions per year around the world, the V-Series is perfect for applications where knowing "who" matters.

The field-proven V-Series modules with patented multispectral imaging technology now have several key enhancements, including four times faster image capture on embedded modules, a top-ranked MINEX III certified algorithm for better accuracy, and FBI-certified WSQ image compression for fast and accurate image transfers.

The Lumidigm V-Series provides:

  • Worry-free deployment: Enrolls and verifies everyone, every time, in all environmental conditions with unsurpassed biometric performance, extending biometric reliability to your products wherever they may be deployed.
  • Excellent durability: Includes a hardened IP65 platen area that doesn't wear out; the module performs over the long term, providing low total cost of ownership (TCO) for your product.
  • Best-in-class liveness detection: Prevents the fraudulent use of biometric data by recognizing and rejecting fakes and spoofs.

When it has to "just work," look to the Lumidigm V-Series Fingerprint Modules for the ease of integration, biometric performance and reliability you need.

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