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Intelligent Readers

Multi technology IP card reader/controller

The S610e is a multi technology IP card reader and controller in one.  Utilizing Ethernet connectivity the S610e communicates directly with the AC2000 host server, removing the need for an additional intelligent control panel in the system design.

Featuring a keypad for card plus PIN (Personal Identity Number) control and an on-board database to store transactions and operate offline, the S610e reader ensures zero system downtime, even when host communication is temporarily unavailable. The S610e reader also features an LCD screen to display meaningful outcome messages such as Access Granted, Lost/ Stolen Card or Wrong Zone.

With multiple door operating modes, including Turnstile, Interlock and Equipment Enable mode, the intelligent S610e card reader can be used in a variety of access control applications.

The S610e intelligent card reader is available in black or gray.

  • Features
  • Resources
  • Intelligent IP card reader
  • LCD to display reader messages such as 'Lost/Stolen Card', 'Wrong Time Zone' and 'Access Granted'
  • Messages can be configured via AC2000 software and translated into local languages
  • Personnel Identification Number (PIN) entry for two stage authentication
  • Large reader database for off-line card verification and alarms
  • Integral reading support for 125 kHz HID Proximity, 13.56 MHz smartcard technology including DESFire, Mifare, HID iClass, and PicoPass, as well as a multi technology version to support Proximity and Mifare
  • Communicates directly with the AC2000 host server – no need for an intelligent control panel in the system design
  • Remote programming facility to download updated firmware
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof casing: IP66 rated
  • Available in two colours, gray and black
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