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Hi-O Interface Modules
Hi-O Interface Modules

Overview | Specifications

The EDGE EVO® Hi-O Interface Modules provide door and extended IO interface between discrete IO and an EDGE EVO Controller. The interface modules provide a securely located IO interface to door components such as locks, door position inputs and REX inputs.

The modules also enable the expansion of IO monitoring and control, all connected back to one single-door controller with the potential to power everything over PoE. The modules include models EDWM-M, EDM-M, EWM-M, EIM-M, ELM and EVM.

Additional highlights

  • EDWM-M Door/Wiegand Module, provides four inputs, two outputs and Wiegand/Clock-and-Data reader interface.
  • EDM-M Door Module provides interface of up to four inputs and two outputs (for door specific use or general purpose).
  • EIM-M Input Module provides interface of up to four inputs.
  • EWM-M Wiegand Module provides interface with one Wiegand or Clock-and-Data reader.
  • ELM Lock module provides interface to a single lock / AUX output.

Modules come in one of six types; maximum two of each can be connected to any one EDGE EVO controller or reader/controller.

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