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Proximity eProx™ Locks
Embedded modules
Proximity eProx™ Locks

Overview | Specifications

The eProx™ Lock Module is used in a variety of battery powered environments. From battery powered electronic door access to handheld computers to transportation devices, the eProx Lock Module adds HID proximity card compatibility into the most power constrained applications.

For battery powered electronic door access, the eProx Lock module addes security, reliability and convenience to your access control system. HID provides the eProx Lock Module to many third party lock manufacturers who integrate HID proximity technology into their standard electronic lock offering. HID compatibility allows stand-alone electronic locks to be used in conjunction with an on-line system that uses HID proximity cards and readers. eProx Locks are ideal when an on-line, networked proximity reader is not required or cannot be easily installed. Use this device when:

  • An area requires access control but AC power is not available
  • You need to provide access control to an area that cannot be hardwired
  • The networked access control panel is at maximum capacity and one more door of access control is needed

Key Features


  • Low Power Consumption - With the ability to be operated via battery power, the eProxLock typically draws a current of 12uA during its sleep mode. When a card is presented, the module awakes from its sleep mode and draws 36mA during a 250ms card read. Supply 4 to 10 VDC to the module either via power supply or battery connection.
  • Keyless Lock - With its small size and low power consumption, the eProx Lock can provide a keyless, card-activated lock.
  • Multiple Data Outputs - Available in Wiegand, F2F, and Clock-and-Data output configurations.
  • Security - Recognizes card formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion unique codes.
  • Warranty - Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.
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